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sort of new to this board

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Posted by Leoml88

what is everyone's problem? honestly, everyone on this board sounds like an arrogant immature little 14 year old. "Oh look at me! I downloaded some pink floyd, or zeppelin, or some black sabbath songs so i'm way more sophisticated and better than most of the kids today who conform to pop culture"

well guess what, your just the one in a million "nonconformist" kids who listen to that music and have the same dumb attitude as you do. and another thing. all that music was pop music in the early 70s. you are all just listening to what was on the radio at the time.

thirdly, i'm not contending your choice of music. i personally don't care for pink floyd's style, however i believe led zeppelin were genius's as were, the beatles, steve miller band, eric clapton, black sabbath, and all the well known groups of the 60s and 70s.

but what your little pompous minds don't understand is that just because music is new, and is played on the radio doesn't mean it all sucks. theres so many good bands today, just as many as they're used to be. you are all just to close-minded and full of this illusion that you are cooler than everyone else because you only listen to rock music that came out 20 years before you were born. i'm talking bands like, RHCP, the White Stripes, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, the Strokes, System of a Down, John Mayer (close minded jerks on this board probably consider him pop, so he must suck, however, he is an amazing guitarist and songwriter if you took the time to listen to his compositions, he also formed a blues trio now), the darkness, wolfmother, the arctic monkeys, and so on.

and you may not all like this music, but hey i do. unlike most of these people on this board though, i'm not immature about it, putting down others music, because i respect everyone's opinions.

anyways, this is my first impression of the board, sorry if you aren't an immature jerk. so yeah, i'm done with this rant, peace


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