Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /

Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /

Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    16:10 on Saturday, June 10, 2006          

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Posted by andrewW

What are you on about? Green Day they are such posers......Queen or The Sweet are much better than that crap.

Re: Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    23:30 on Saturday, September 09, 2006          

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Posted by melles50150

DON'T YOU DARE CALL GREENDAY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! i love queen and all that as much as the next person, but greenday are not posers. did you ever notice that they never say themselves that they think they are punk? isn't it the opposite of being a poser to be exactly what you want to be? i think YOU are the one who is crap for knowing absloutly nothing and still trying to press your !****!ic opinion on every one else!!!!

Re: Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    16:15 on Tuesday, September 12, 2006          

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Posted by Tool_Fan

Dookie was their best album and a couple of songs after it like "Brain Stew" and "Good Riddance" were good IMO mailny because if the memories, but newer Greenday is lower than dirt. Their new music is sshit.

Re: Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    15:18 on Wednesday, September 20, 2006          


I like Greenday and Queen and so on, but I do think that calling them posers is a little too much hatred towards them...

Re: Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    09:33 on Friday, September 22, 2006          

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Posted by MCRluver

hmm greenday is synanamous with suck i don't like them i never liked them but its not for me to say wat u should like

to each his own!

Re: Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    07:06 on Saturday, September 30, 2006          

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Posted by Haika

I gotta say that i love all greenday-songs. Those old 1 best but this new songs are ok.Is it any band u should HAte is it this EMO-HIM crappies.

Re: Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    12:48 on Tuesday, October 31, 2006          

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Posted by oboedude888

Ye...not that I've heard any emo music yet. I'm guessing it sucks.

Re: Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    22:18 on Tuesday, October 31, 2006          

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Posted by Snorkel

You're no less a poser if you call someone else out for being one (if they aren't. How so? Well, if you say such about a band without being provoked then it's kind of pointless; you end up looking like a poser yourself or someone who just wants attention or to start an argument.

To me, Green Day is an ok band. I have to edmit their history is pretty impressive and they do strike a note with the youngsters, but I think teir greatness is a little overblown. They're good, but they're still people. Now, while I do believe they aren't posers, I do think some of their fans go a liiiiiittle over board...

Re: Dirty F-ing rockers........ : /    13:43 on Sunday, November 05, 2006          

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Posted by drummer_chika

Green Day posers?

Not so, I'm afraid. Their older music is fantastic like Brainstew and Good Riddance but really, saying that Green day are posers is going a little too far. You can like them not absolutely love them but appreciate them for their older tunes or whatever but really, if you look at them now, some of what is good is still there...

I think I maybe be repeating older replies but isnt the definition of a poser someone who either gives themselves a title or somone who calls someone else a poser really poser?

Sigh. I know some of those really out there fans of Green Day...


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