TOE HEAD and THE REVERSIBLES show review!!

TOE HEAD and THE REVERSIBLES show review!!

TOE HEAD and THE REVERSIBLES show review!!    18:50 on Thursday, July 13, 2006          

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Posted by jetspeedchrissy

July 8, 2006

The Reversibles & Toe Head Review

The night was slow, but the venue was a spectacle. A freak show themed C.I.A. hosted The Reversibles as they played an up-tempo, pop driven set. A defined staged set up a tight band with hook-line and sinker melodies and Andy McCutcheon’s notable, sensible voice. There was a slight lack of enthusiasm, and a small crowd, but the Reversibles rocked it out anyway. Witty banter between songs, and connecting with the audience helped their set become livelier. They played their songs, under their new name, well and were in sync with each other, more that most other bands. They set the carnival up for Toe Head just right.

Then, as per usual, Toe Head played an awesome, energetic set. These guys really know how to put on a show. For two people, or two hundred, they have more spunk and drive than I have seen put into a live performance in a long time. Wes runs around the stage with his band mates and kept the crowd tapping along. With their funky bass undertones and up-beat rock riffs, and quirky yet fun lyrics keeps everything entertaining. They were not just energy, but had the music to match. The show was tight, in tune, and had perfect timing. They jump up together, and land together, like any good rock band should. Get up and dance, maybe mosh a little, and rock out to Toe Head. They are truly entertaining and merit a, “Hey, lets go see Toe Head tonight.”


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