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Posted by shortbutsmart

The only thing alike about P!ATD and Fallout Boy is that the lead singers sound the same, but who can help that? I think they're pretty unique and cant wait for their second album to come out

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Posted by jforjustin

First of all, No Panic! was not around before Fall Out Boy, where the hell did you hear that? Pete Wentz from Fall out Boy is the one who signed panic! At the Disco to his own record label fueled by ramen. And Panic! sounds nothing like Fall Out Boy, they use completely different instruments! AND THERE SINGERS SOUND NOTHING ALIKE! And what idiot said that their lyrics don't have any meaning-_-. Do you even know what any of there songs are about? They use complete metaphores and everything. That'sa what I love about the band!!!! THEY HAVE MEANINGFUL LYRICS!
I hate you all. Stop bagging Panic! If they "suck" so much, then how come when they have shows, their tickets are sold out within the hour. S you think they SUCKED their way to the top of the charts? GET ALL YOUR F**KING FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU START BAGGING THEM!

Re: PANIC AT THE DISCO    03:19 on Saturday, July 14, 2007          

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Posted by AwOpBoPaLoObOp

i'm not really a fan of their sound or the emo sound in general but their music videos can be interesting, if incredibly strange. the fish tank one???? i didn't get that.

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Posted by screamo_penguin

i agree with most of the people who have replied...they are overplayed and stuff...i mean i used to like them but i dont really anymore. there is some other bands out there that are WAY better than them. fob and p!atd are exactly the same...i mean there is basically no difference at all...yeah thats my opinion...

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Posted by NotYourOnlyStar

All haters- This forum was made so that people who really do like P!ATD can get together and talk about them. don't come in here and think you know everything if you hate the band. If you don't like there music then why post here? why not make an "i hate emo and punk music" forum instead?

Yes, i happen to like panic. I saw them in concert last year and it was amazing. they did a whole circus theme and even had circus performers. They're a great new band and i can't wait to hear what they're going to come up with next.

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Posted by theholytaco

Because people want to discuss their feeling on the band, so deal with it.

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Posted by AlanaLlama

People. Everybody has differnt interests in different kinds of music. We all have different personalities and feelings. I personally love Panic! At the Disco and obviously some of you don't that is just fine. Emos are people preps are people. We are all people. Everyone is different that is why Earth is so much better than Mars. Lets all just be friends.

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Posted by AlanaLlama

I personally believe that Fall Out Boy only recently started to sound different. Obviously Panic! was doing well and that style of music in general. Fall Out Boy did what any other band might have done. Began to sound the same. They might not have even done it on purpose. When you hear a lot of a certin style you begin to copy it. Only human nature. No need to fight. All music stinks all music rocks. The basic idea if we put everybody's opinions together.

Re: PANIC AT THE DISCO    05:45 on Tuesday, August 28, 2007          

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Posted by seanblinkjm

Rite I Need to step in here about 90% of the people have been panic at the disco bashing here, and i dont mean to generalise but you really need to stop living in the past. I am not the biggest panic fan, but I saw them at a festival the other day and they were unbelievable. Really if u are a real music fan you should at least be able to appreciate that the songs are not just 4 chords, not just 3 instruments, the singer can hit about n e octave possible and whilst using some complicated layouts they're songs are still catchy! How can no 1 see this!?
The only similarity between panic and FOB is the singers sound a bit alike but both hav completly different styles and if you cant hear that Id get your ears checked.
Panic in my opinion hav been ruined by they're young fanbase so its much more mature to like bands like led zeppelin, Mettalica etc Not that am dissing either of the rock gods but dont let a fanbase put you off a good band, its happend far too many times! N e way thats my rant over


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