The great icelandic music you dont know about...

The great icelandic music you dont know about...

The great icelandic music you dont know about...    10:33 on Friday, November 03, 2006          

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Posted by kkkson

So im from iceland and we have some great artists that almost no one knows about but icelanders and i think its a shame so i thought i'd introduce you to some icelandic artists that you might not know. I'm not talking about Björk og Sigur Rós but the one's that have made it in iceland but perhaps not in the rest of the world.

Just in case you dont want to read the whole thing i just want to say that you should check out this website: where you can get the song nasty boy with Trabant and other. I also usually post a myspace link for each band :D

Solo artist:

1. Mugison: Really famous in iceland and actually won the icelandic music awards for his music. For starters you should check out the song: ,,I want you" and his version of the song a little trip. Made the music for the movie A little Trip to heaven featuring Julia Stiles and Forrest Whitaker. Songs awailable on itunes and

2. Lay Low: Recently discovered. Put one song on myspace in february and released her first album just a few days go and everyone in iceland is listening to her by now!!! Her best song is Boy oh Boy in my opinion but her most famous song is please dont hate me (also the title of her new album) and i really like the song Beauty. I actually went with her to Sweeden a few years ago when i was in the scouts but i dont think she remembers me now :D

3. Emiliana Torrini: Well actually you might know her because she sang the gollum song in LOTR back in the days. Her latest album Fishermans's woman was on the top charts in iceland for ages and her song Sunny Road is great. You should also check out her sons Easy and perhaps her cover version of Blame it on the sun.

4. KK: A great guy and a great mucisian. His most famous song is "When i think of angels" which he wrote and then performed with his sister Ellen who is also a very famous solo artist. The song was written in memory of their sister who died. One of the most beautiful song i have ever heard!. Just be sure that you are getting the right song because there are some other songs with similar names out there. So its When i think of angels by KK og Ellen (b.t.w. "og" means & in iceland :D)

Pop/Rock/Punk bands:

1. Trabant: Man they are great!. Check out their website
They were the first band electric band to play in a presidential party at which was held as The presidents home Bessastaðir and they released an album called Trabant in Bessastaðir with them and the president on the cover but it was only released in 500 copys but you can check out the cover at
Their best songs: Nasty Boy (one of the most played songs in iceland), Maria (man that is a good song) and recently the bit slower song: The one which is really good but now my favourite. It was also one of the most popular songs last summer.

2. Maus: Currently not active but man they are goood. Check out their cd Musick. My favorite song is A Selfish Need.They are available on myspace:

3. Jet Black Joe: Man they are good!! Were famous back in 92 or something but quit and the singer got religious but they reunited not to long ago and released an album this year or was it last year. Well any they are a band that every icelander knows and has listened to and their songs are really famous in iceland and the band is known as the band that no one knows why they weren't famous. I reccomend that you buy their best of cd and check out songs like: Higher and Higher, Freedom, I know, Wont go back, Starlight, Freak out. WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT MISS OUT ON THIS BAND!!!

4. Jeff Who? There song "Barfly" was nr. 1 for a long time in iceland last summer and is really good. You should also check out the songs they have on their myspace:

5. Dikta: A really good band. Is known in iceland but has received the publicity they deserve in my opinion.

6.Ske: A great band. Their most famous song is most likely Juliette 2. One of the band members and the most known one is the son of the former prime minister Steingrímur hermannsson but is running for parliament for diffirent party then his father and his grandfather (also a very known politician)
Their new singer is Hössi who was the singer of the band Quarashi (one of our best bands) but quit the band to study icelandic. Their drummer has worked with famous bands like Echo and The Bunnymen

7. Leaves: Have released two albums but very two very diffirent albums. I personally prefer the first album "Breath" which is more "happy" but many dig their new album The Angela Test which is more dark if you understand me :D The songs on their myspace are all from their second album. One of their songs appeared on one of the OC shows and the song Sunday Lover (only on the american version of their first album) was in a credit card commercial.
Check out: Sunday Lover, Catch, Silence, Breathe, Suppose, Race, We and basicly every song on their first album and i reccomend Shakma and Angela Test from their latest album!!! DONT MISS OUT ON THIS BAND

8. Botnleðja. Have just recently started writing in english and their latest album "Icelandic nation park" was their first cd in english but their earlier cds are much better although that cd is a very good one. If you can handle the icelandic i reccoment the cd Magnyl which is their best cd in my oppinion. They toured with the famous band BLUR and actually let Blur use one of their. They once tried to get into Eurovison for the fun of it and ended up in second place which most people thought was really unfair (should have been nr. 1)

9. Ensími: Damn the are gooood. Check out their songs: Arpeggiator and Atari. You wont be the samt!!!!

10. Jagúar (ú: u in english): A great Jazz funk band. Their latest album is called Hello Somebody. I reccomend songs like: "That's Your Problem Baby" , "One of us", Calling All Cars, Dr Rrhythm. I actually only recently started singing on their albums. Their latest album has singing but the other one dont... i think :D
10. Mínus (minus): A metal band. has supported acts like Metallica, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age. "The first great rock 'n' roll gang of the 21st century" (Kerrang!)

11. Sign: A great band that has just recently started singing in icelandic but i actually dont think you'll mind listening to them in Icelandic. Check out songs like "Halim", "Cassandra/flóttamaður"

12. Vinyll: Check out the song Lost in my mind

13. Gus Gus: One of the best bands in iceland. Check out songs like: Ladyshave and David. You can see music videos with these songs on their website: I personally dont like their songs on myspace so please check out their songs on before you go on myspace.

14. Mammút: Young teenagers who suddenly got famous after winning a band competition in iceland. My favourite song is: Mosavaxin Börn. Check out

15. Múm: Not for everyone but a great band :D


To get songs with these bands you can:

Search in google: band name + myspace
Band name + iceland
Band name + Icelandic airwaves
Sign up for:,
Try to:
enter the band name + .is (usually not .com)

Itunes Music store


B.T.W. Sorry about my bad english :D

Please post replys and tell me what music i should be listening to from your country :D

Re: The great icelandic music you dont know about...    01:18 on Sunday, November 05, 2006          

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Posted by muso_man

I only really heard emialiani torrini's stuff but i like it so i must check out some of that other iclandic stuff


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