Interesting Belgian band Alucard

Interesting Belgian band Alucard

Interesting Belgian band Alucard    16:56 on Monday, January 08, 2007          

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Posted by ferryman

Hello Everybody,

I'd like to introduce a new band from Belgium which devellops an original style called "Dark romantism".

I'm sure they're going to make it big, i'd like to make you discover them !

This is their bio :

A touch of romantism made up with dark, passionate and sensual melodies. Alucard combines classical music and rock in the same universe... very well mastered influences for an unexpected result. The sweetness of the piano and the captivating voice of Ced Dorian are merging with the other instruments into a perfect symbiosis, the « Dark romantism ».

This fusion gives birth to a dark and carnal realm where sweetness, emotion and electric vibrations are acting as one. Dark Romantism because their music combines passionate feelings with a dark vision of love illustrated through nostalgic lyrics.

The band has already recorded a three-titled EP called « Dark Romantism EP ». While preparing their first album, they’re playing their music live through one hour shows.

Alucard opens the doors to a disturbing and stirring realm. Drowned into a sensual poetry, soothed by desperately romantic melodies, let yourself be taken away...

For more info:



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