the band "FEEL NEVER REAL" check them out!

the band "FEEL NEVER REAL" check them out!

the band "FEEL NEVER REAL" check them out!    23:34 on Sunday, January 14, 2007          

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Posted by bluesyrock

there is a great band that has been playing around dfw for a couple of years now. and no, im not in this band. ive gone to a lot of "FEEL NEVER REAL" shows and its some of the best energy and music you will find from a band thats out right now. it's not all "roar roar, lets see how evil i can sound" type of !***!, or the poppy lets sound !*****! so we'll get on the radio !***!, or the indie "im so artistic and different, thats why my music sounds like a 12 year old recording in his garage, or even the punk, "lets see how annyoing human beings can actual sound, but we still think we're cool with our crazy outfits". "FEEL NEVER REAL" is just good rockin music, with the ability to change melodies. pretty much all of my favorite bands have that characteristic. for example alice in chains, they can go from the "facelift" and "dirt" albums, to the "jar of flies" album, and then swith it up again with the "sap" album. i love that ability in a band. i grew up listening to alice in chains, pantera, led zeppelin, pink floyd, soundgarden, stp, etc.... so when i find a band like "FEEL NEVER REAL" that fits in with those bands in a bad time of music like right now, i get very excited. collectivly this band has their own unique sound, so i bought one of their cd's and really listened to each part and found out why. the lead singer and guitarist is the hard rock, full of energy style, and always sings the songs very well. not only vocally, but how he sings at certain times, when he sings, when he doesnt sing, the words he uses. it always seems to fit so well with the music. the bassist, while rocking out a lot too, can throw out some incredible riffs that i really never see from bassist that are playing this style of music. he definately brings some blues and funk to the music. and the drummer doesnt just ho hum along with the typical beats. he realy does a great job of always having a different and cool beat to go along with whatever the other two are doing. and on top of that, when its time to rock it out, he is one of the best and fastest drummers i have ever seen live. so throw all of that together and you get a devine music caserole; different styles performing together. i was just wondering who all out there has been to see "FEEL NEVER REAL", or at least heard of them. if you havent, you can check out a few of their songs on myspace, or write me back and i'll be sure to get you a copy of their new ep. i am a huge rock music guy and one of my favorite things is to find new music and share it with others that have a similar taste in tunes. hope you enjoy this one.


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