Top 10 Songs with Ozzy as singer.

Top 10 Songs with Ozzy as singer.

Top 10 Songs with Ozzy as singer.    17:53 on Thursday, January 17, 2008          

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Posted by rockamaniac335

Ok, i was going to put top 10 Black Sabbath Songs but then i thought it would be easier for me to just pick those with ozzy as singer. Here are my top 10:

10-Walpurgis(Black Sabbath)-Basicly this is just war pigs but with different lyrics. To me this was better than the actual war pigs.

9-Mr.Crowly(Ozzy Osbourne, With Randy Rhoads I believe but may be wrong)- I just thought this was a good song because of the way the pace and tone of the song is.

8-Ironman(Black Sabbath)-Although this was the song that is most known and got me into Black Sabbath, it is no way #1 but I thought i would at least put it in top 10.

7-Paranoid(Black Sabbath)-One of Ozzy's faster songs, being faster kind of took away the hatred part of their music that I loved but the Solo and Distortion in the song was good.

6-No More Tears(Again, I think it is with Randy Rhoads but not 100%)-The solo on this was so good, I had to put it at 6.

5-Hand of Doom(Black Sabbbath)-Seroius hatred and sobberness in this song, had to put in at 5.

4-Bark at the Moon(Ozzy solo with Jake E. Lee is believe his name was)-The tempo and lyrics to this made it great #4 material.

3-Fairies Wear Boots(By Black Sabbath)-The lyrics of this song were mostly this reason i loved this song.

2-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(Black Sabbath...Of Course) Even though this song was never done live i loved the solo and the lyrics and the darkness to the song.Tony did a good job with this song.

And at #1...

1-CRAZY TRAIN(i can guaranty you this is Ozzy with Randy Rhoads)-Oh, there are just so many reasons this song ranks at 1. 1st off... The intro if you see the one on youtube where the description is After Hours, then you will see how great the into sounds with Randy doing part of it on Lead guitar rather then with just drums and bass. 2nd, the lyrics were killer on this song. The tone and pace made it good. And 3rdly and lastly(at least that i will talk about), the solo on this song was the best. The tapping, the high pitched notes, the fast tempo, just all made this solo GREAT. If you don't like it...well, then your opinion is either negative against Black Sabbath(original line-up)/Ozzy solo artist or you have been listening to the wrong versions of crazy train lol.

Please reply as i would like to see others opinions on this topic.

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Can't disagree with that, rockamaniac. I personally would have put "The Wizard" into the mix. It's awesome and it shows another one of Ozzy's talents, playing harmonica.

Re: Top 10 Songs with Ozzy as singer.    18:28 on Tuesday, June 17, 2008          

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Posted by eastonj

i think your list is good crazy train is a awesome song but black sabbath those guys are freaky 8notes should have crazy train on their song list that wuld be so cool

Re: Top 10 Songs with Ozzy as singer.    22:29 on Tuesday, June 17, 2008          

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Posted by SDC

Black sabbath is awesome
(I guess they are freaky, but who cares?)
Did u put warpigs on there? its a sick song


Im supriesd u put iron man as #7
thats one of black sabbaths best songs

Re: Top 10 Songs with Ozzy as singer.    18:33 on Thursday, July 31, 2008          

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Posted by eastonj

crazy train is the best song ever
go on nad look at the video clip it has more than 3000 000 views.holy crap


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