The Doors

The Doors

The Doors    13:34 on Monday, April 21, 2008          

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Posted by brakeonthroo

Hey guys,

Anyone into the Doors? Here's this vid clip you should check out: ors/thedoorsclassicclip.wvx

It's a little snippet from a new DVD called "Classic Albums" that'll come out on the 22nd (tomrrow)!

What'd ya guys think? I liked how it gave us an in depth look at "Break on Through" with the bassanova drums.

-Matt J.

“I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps, 'Oh look at that!' Then- whoosh, and I'm gone... and they'll never see anything like it ever again... and they won't be able to forget me- ever.” -Jim Morrison umgd
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