Depressing Songs

Depressing Songs

Depressing Songs    08:55 on Monday, July 14, 2008          

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Posted by WeAllGonnaDie

Will u guys post some good depressing songs on here. I listen to music depending on my mood and I'm trying to get a wider variety of the music that seems to be sad. Also Dethklock rocks! lol

My favorite depressing song right now is
Flyleaf - Something I Can Never Hace (NIN COVER)
Here is a link to the song on YouTube

Well check out this song and give me some links
to some of the music you guys have so i can listen to it
and thx alot

Re: Depressing Songs    17:40 on Monday, July 14, 2008          

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Posted by Chiva

I know I few songs, Just msg me for the list :]

Re: Depressing Songs    06:03 on Friday, July 25, 2008          

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Posted by lastperfectday

i`ve just uploaded `Shadowfax' which has a fairly heavy load. It is instrumental as is all of my stuff, but this leaves the mind available for wandering - create the picture. I called it Shadowfax ax I was reading LOR at the time, but I guess now I would have called it something like - `If only'! There are more in my files if that one does it for you.


the link -

Re: Depressing Songs    18:28 on Tuesday, July 29, 2008          

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Posted by jonspeaks22

I find the song On Your Porch by the format to be depressing

Re: Depressing Songs    07:34 on Wednesday, August 06, 2008          
Re: Depressing Songs    07:22 on Sunday, September 07, 2008          

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Posted by sib_rock93

'Nutshell' by Alice in's the saddest song I've ever heard.

Re: Depressing Songs    12:13 on Saturday, September 27, 2008          

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Posted by Chiva

My Chem has several deppressing songs lol, Demolition Lovers, Mama, Kill all your friends, Headfirst for Halos, ect ect. Love em like crazy though.

Some other good ones are from Aiden, We sleep forever, One Love, ect ect

Re: Depressing Songs    23:55 on Thursday, October 09, 2008          

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Posted by PinkSock

try "Why so Cheap? Why so Gay?" by Big A. Its a bummer.

Re: Depressing Songs    18:16 on Tuesday, November 18, 2008          

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Posted by Punk4Trev

I think Linkin Park's new song is depressing but I like it

Re: Depressing Songs    10:38 on Friday, November 28, 2008          

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Posted by Zombiecow69

(Man of Sorrow) by Bruce Dickinson

A beautiful and emotional song


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