Two New Volumes To Stephen Arnold Music

Two New Volumes To Stephen Arnold Music

Two New Volumes To Stephen Arnold Music    14:14 on Sunday, March 22, 2009          

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Stephen Arnold Music - the global sonic branding and original music production company has added singer-songwriter Tom Faulkner to its roster of international artists and producers in "The Vault" - SAM's unique music library collection.

Faulkner is a complementary addition to a lineup that brings authenticity and craftsmanship to an industry more typically associated with "canned" music and is introducing his melodic amalgam of Cajun, blues, Texas rock and Tejano styles with two CD compilations that debut on The Vault on February 24.

As a recording and touring musician, Faulkner, a New Orleans native residing in Texas, has been signed to United Artists Publishing and has released two critically acclaimed solo albums with a third currently underway. He has long maintained a parallel career in advertising music, creating the famous theme for Motel 6 - one of the longest ever running commercials with a music theme that has aired continuously since 1986, while also penning "I Want My Baby Back Ribs" for Chili's and creating music for national campaigns by Coors Light and American Airlines, among many others. These first two collections for The Vault bring together timeless musical vignettes for commercial use recorded by Faulkner.

"The arrangements are incredible, the recordings are immaculate and almost all of the tracks use live instruments," comments Chad Cook, V.P. of Creative Services at Stephen Arnold Music. "They're not repetitive grooves. They, and this is rare - tell a story in 30 or 60 seconds -- the most common commercial lengths. These are really good, authentic tracks. You can hear the craftsmanship."

The new relationship brings Faulkner full circle with Stephen Arnold. "The very first jingle that I wrote was created in 1979 for none other than Stephen Arnold Music," recalls Faulkner, who cites melody-driven music by artists such as The Beatles as his grand inspiration. "Steve asked me to write a jingle and when I said, I don't really like them! He gave me an amazing piece of advice: instead of thinking of it as a jingle, think of it as a song with a timeframe. So I set out to write mini-songs within a time format."

"When Tom sent us his music, about three cuts in I could see it was a no-brainer, it was that good and that well written and that timeless," says Cook. "Everyone that we have in the library produces and plays on albums -- they're not from a background of writing production music - so Tom fits nicely with the other partners. Each has their niche and makes a special contribution to the overall product."

"If we can build our product by collaborating with people that put that amount of time and craftsmanship into work that isn't created for a production library then clients can hear the difference in about five seconds."

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