Screaming Psyche Want Your Opinions

Screaming Psyche Want Your Opinions

Screaming Psyche Want Your Opinions    17:42 on Friday, January 14, 2011          

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Posted by ScreamingPsyche

hey guys just a reminder about the Screaming Psyche songs on youtube. We want your opinions on the songs so we can judge if anything needs to be altered. The songs are also on our profile page aswell as on youtube.

Re: Screaming Psyche Want Your Opinions    04:57 on Saturday, January 15, 2011          

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Posted by hegyhati

Dear Guys,

I've read your first post as well, and listened to Your music to help with my opinion. However, after listening, I thought that it would have no meaning to post my comment.

But this is already the third post of Yours with the same aim, so if You are so eager to know my opinion here it is:

I don't like punk music at all, but beside that, it is pain in my ears to listen to Your songs.

No offense, and I hope, that there are people who have different opinion. I don't want to discourage You, and I wish You will be much better by practicing, so that You will make me like punk music at the end.

All the best!


P.S.: My suggestion for You is to publish less but better quality recordings. If You have one really good, everybody will be eager to get some more, and spread the link. If You have 3 horrible ones, nobody will care about it, and even later, if You do something really good, they will just say, that "Man, this is that awful band again..." without listening.


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