NIRVANA    21:23 on Wednesday, November 19, 2003          
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I just got bored so i decided to post a subject of my favorite rock band al all fuc*in time! Nirvana! so post anything about them..your opinions comments and all that stuff.

Re: NIRVANA    10:47 on Thursday, November 20, 2003          
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meh, Overrated is about all i have to say on the subject of Nirvana.

Nevermind and In Utero were good albums, but not good enough to get them the adoration they so often get nowadays.

It`s obviously due to the fact that Cobain died young, so everyone`s left thinking `what if?`. But if they are your favourite band, who the f*ck am I to say otherwise? I just don`t think they are that great, that`s all.

Re: NIRVANA    09:30 on Friday, November 21, 2003          
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I agree with Simon on this one.
Nirvana were good, but way overhyped...
There is nothing particularly oustanding in their technique, and I think it`s the emotion that continues to grip the hearts of fans out there.

Re: NIRVANA    22:20 on Monday, November 24, 2003          
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the most overrated band of all time.
Pearl Jam was much better and bigger than nirvana was but bc kurt killed himself mtv and allthose mags immoralized him.

Re: NIRVANA    17:52 on Thursday, November 27, 2003          
(Lady Di)
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overated? yep........i love `em anyway,

Re: NIRVANA    17:00 on Wednesday, December 17, 2003          
(de stijl)
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i dont care what u think about nirvana they r my favourite band but i didnt cum on to say that i came on to say no matter how good they are i think the nirvana forums must b getting a bit tired now come on think up sum new ones

Re: NIRVANA    04:40 on Thursday, January 01, 2004          
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hiyaz i agree with the people who say nirvana where overhyped but i like there music and thats all that matters to me the trouble is when some bands get over comercialised and hyped up they change but nirvana stayed the same the whole time kurt was alive and they maybe a bit over hyper and eventually we will get a bit bored of there songs becoz theres only so many now but i rli like there music so i can see where u guys are coming from when you say there overhyped so maybe they arent the greatest rock band ever but they certainly are up there with the legends of rock music but i still say ROCK ON NIRVANA xXxXx

Re: NIRVANA    01:37 on Tuesday, January 06, 2004          
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HI! sorry i didn`t look down th page and i didnt see your message concerning Nirvana at 1st. so i posted mine.. haha. Yep! Nirvana IS a f*cking Great group!! you are damn right.. What do you want about nirvana?
ps what do you listen to except N.?

Re: NIRVANA    12:47 on Monday, January 26, 2004          
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Dude, it`s about opinions......

It`s like yeah, emotions do play a part intheirs being famous, but look at Dave grohl, he had talent and thats why he started another great band The Foo Fighters.....

The music was good, and it was grunge alright, and although people just bitch about them being overhyped, I dont see what you mean, I mean Ive been listenin to Rock for a lot my time, from The Beatles to Raiohead, from Led Zeppelin to Ausioslave, so believe me , Nirvana was one of those bands which had something special to it, a special meaning. But it ended didnt it? Ended before a major impact.
And yeah, Pearl Jam, as well as Soundgarden , AIC, and RAge Against the MAchine were as good as they were, just they got more coverage, and I think the poor guy Cobain killed himself to get rid of the attention he was getting. Thats why he did it. Like the fans would say lookit him he preaches un-commercialsim and un-capitalism, and then he gets commercial himself, and also becauze the Grunge movement that had started had began to hit the mainstream, and Kurt knew Nirvana hit it big time, the load carried him off, and then bang he`s dead...... Just respect the guy......He gave good music, but once again opinions matter.

This my opinion, thats all.

Re: NIRVANA    06:48 on Thursday, January 29, 2004          
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My opininon is that nirvana were not overrated and that no other grunge band could really match them. Nirvana really excelled. Just listen to their songs and youll see what the hype was about.

Re: NIRVANA    13:07 on Monday, March 01, 2004          
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well. for one, does anyone believe in periods? i had a difficult time reading half the crap that was posted. but, fortunately for me, i got the point.
eh, you could say that kurt`s death maximized the success of nirvana now, but they were big before that. most people ridicule them because they were big and mainstream and so on. but, i guarantee you, some dark gothic kid that claims to have soooo much hatred for nirvana, owns every single CD they`ve ever came out with.

Re: NIRVANA    06:34 on Wednesday, March 17, 2004          
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Well T.H i dont agree with that, i dont believe he killed himself to get rid of the attention, after reading his biography, i reckon that he hit a downward slope as soon as nirvana started to get attention but he was insecure all his life an he was on sh*tloads of heroin at the end! i reckon that he just cudnt see any other way out! an also he was bout 2 go thru a hard divorce with courtney!!!

Re: NIRVANA    18:02 on Monday, March 29, 2004          
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Nirvana is alright but there are like 90 bands ahead of them for the best of all time.....they really aren`t great

Re: NIRVANA    23:07 on Wednesday, April 07, 2004          
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Nirvana IS the GREATEST! All these people just don`t get the fact that Kurt Cobain was a genius. His song lyrics have a depth to them that no other songwriter I`ve know of could ever even come close to. To me it`s not all about what the music sounds like, its about what the music is saying. Nirvana, therefore, is the top in all and every aspect of musical genius.

Re: NIRVANA    14:38 on Thursday, April 08, 2004          
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Nirvana didn`t get famous cause Kurt died, from 1991 when "Smells Like Teen Spirit" came out they have been famous. Overhyped? I think not. What Nirvana accomplished in there few years was remarkable. And the way they changed music for the better. How many bands still get new fans everyday 10 years after it`s end? Not many. And Nirvana is one of them. sign this petition


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