Do songs like this exist

Do songs like this exist

Do songs like this exist    15:29 on Wednesday, May 15, 2013          

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Posted by rajox

Hi I was unsure about posting this still I thought anyways.

Here is the story:
I first listened to Five Finger Death Punch and while browsing through their uploaded Songs on Youtube I found their song Salvation. Now it gets interesting watch this vid till 0:54

I liked the heavy "instrumental" till 0:54, then it got ****ty because the singer changes his voice. [Wasn't mine] Please >listen< to understand what I mean. First he had a good deep monsteralike almost hulk voice then the song gets how do I call it...I perceive it as sorryassattitude voice...)

What I mean by hulk voice view this Vid, its Pantera Mouth for War and in the end at 3:42 to 3:44 there comes the *Hulk* voice:

Its the same as:
Disturbed Down with the Sickness at 0:45-0:47

Now if you listen to the Pantera Mouth of War vid at 3:42 to 3:44 and the Disturbed Down with the Sickness at 0:45-0:47 do you know songs where the singer 'sings' in this tonality. Do you dig what I mean? You can't explain it if you do not listen to it.

If you know songs [They don't have to be popular can be from local bands] don't shy away from posting if you think there are songs like that out there! :P
Optionally I'm searching instrumentals like the salivation instrumental [not different than the salivation with vocals but for better listening] till 0:45:
All the best Mike

Re: Do songs like this exist    10:22 on Thursday, July 18, 2013          

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Posted by AnnySi

why not, i'm sure there are people who are fond of this kind of music... tastes differ)))


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