What about outdoor advertising for promoting my music band?

What about outdoor advertising for promoting my music band?    01:33 on Tuesday, April 17, 2018          

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Posted by sharonfoster571

Hi guys,

Nowadays, the music industry is obsessed with overnight success. As we all know, music business is always in its dramatic evolution. We are a group of youngsters who thrown away our white collar jobs to pursue a passionate career in music. I'm the lead guitarist of a heavy metal band focused in Ontario and it's just been two months old. We are not that much popular among music lovers in our area as we are entirely new.

We are also planning to do some charity works for Zimbabwe's Children who work in the remote, rural areas of Chinhoyi and the Hatcliffe Township in northern Zimbabwe, where communities are experiencing poverty in its full impact.

We are now thinking about doing some promotional activities to increase popularity among local people. [url=http://www.grassrootsadvertising.com/what-we-do/street-level-advertising/]What about outdoor advertising?[/url] Have you ever tried this method ? What all things you all used to improve your reach to people? Hope to get a proper guidance regarding this from the other community members. Kindly let me know. Awaiting your replies.Thanks in advance.


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