Led Zeppelin Festival

Led Zeppelin Festival

Led Zeppelin Festival    14:01 on Wednesday, April 07, 2004          
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There will be a large festival for fans of the rock group Led Zeppelin at Cane`s (at the beach) in San Diego, California on May 15th, 2004.

Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin`s guitarist, has just finished signing some very cool items to be auctioned by the ABC Trust charity at the festival. There will be a pre-festival party the night of May 14, the 12 hour festival will begin at noon on Saturday with booths selling all types of Led Zeppelin memorabilia as well as a museum display and a Led Zeppelin art gallery. All fans able to play an instrument are invited to join in the jam session! Prizes will be given away and the night will be capped off with a concert by the awesome tribute band Led Zepagain.

Lots more info at the official website:


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