top 10 favourite bands

top 10 favourite bands

top 10 favourite bands    07:24 on Friday, October 29, 2004          
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Who are your top 10 favourite bands ill do mine

1.The Who(Great rythem section)

2.Guns n Roses(Best band of the 80s)

3.AC/DC(Some great songs like back in black and Highway to Hell possibly a bit underated)

4.Queen(Brian May and Freddie Mercury one of the best songwriting partnership)

5.Cream(Eric Clapton on guitar who could fault that)

6.Deep Purple(Really only on here for Smoke on the Water on here for that reason only as the song is so good)

7.The Darkness(Are really trying in the UK to bring back what rock always was in the 70s and 80s and are beating that Sum 41 crap)

8.Eric Clapton(Fantastic solo artist and still going strong must be good then

9.Jimi Hendrix(Unfortunately died young which left the way clear for Clapton to be king of the strings did some great songs and excellent guitarist)

10.Led Zeppelin(Jimmy Page one of the strangest guitar players ever and of course Stairway to Heaven)

Re: top 10 favourite bands    12:15 on Tuesday, November 02, 2004          
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Led zep only 10th? not gud....

1.Led zeppelin- most charasmatic lead singer ever, greatest rock drummer ever, most unique guitarist ever and JPJ..technical genius. greatest group ever!

2.The beatles- cant argue with the stats. biggest selling British album ever, 24 number ones. awesome.

3.The kinks- "LAZYN ON U SUNNY AFTERNOON" is a classic. invented Brit pop. truly British.

4.Jimi Hendrix Exeperience- simply out of this world, Hendrix greatest guitarist ever.

5.Muse, first of the new breed. making heavy rock mainstream in the UK. produce the best modern anthems. matt bellamy genius.

6.Oasis- modern day version of the beatles but with attitude

7.The White Stripes- Truly Original. Nothing Like it before. how 2 people can make so much noise amazes me.

8.Queen- produced the most memorable song ever. foe entertainment alone they could attract 100,000 plus crowds

9.Radiohead- bring intelligence to music. every song has a hidden meaning. every strum of the guitar meticulousy placed. genius.

10.The cure- surreal and extrovert, started the Goth era of the early 80`s. great songs.

so there ya go.

Re: top 10 favourite bands    15:18 on Thursday, November 04, 2004          
(highway star)
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2.Ozzy Osbourne
7.Deep Purple
8.Marilyn Manson
10.All the other great bands i couldn`t fit in

top 10 favourite bands    16:00 on Thursday, November 04, 2004          
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Re: top 10 favourite bands(This is the whole,did a mistake)    16:05 on Thursday, November 04, 2004          
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2.Ozzy Osbourne
4.Gun`s N`Roses
6.Rage Against The Machine
9.Marilyn Manson

Re: top 10 favourite bands    18:36 on Monday, November 08, 2004          
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1. Pink Floyd
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Van Halen
4. Def Leppard
5. The Doors
6. The Beatles
7. AC/DC
8. Jimi Hendrix Experience
9. The Cult
10. Metallica
If this was a list of greatest bands itd be much different. But hey these are my babies.

Re: top 10 favourite bands    14:19 on Tuesday, November 16, 2004          
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1.The Rolling Stones (the best)
3.The Doors
4.Led Zeppelin
5.The Eagles
8.Guns n Roses
10.Duran Duran

Re: top 10 favourite bands    22:40 on Monday, November 22, 2004          
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1.The Darkness
2.U2 (I`m young to know about them)
4.Jet (Has a 70`s theme of somewhat)
5.Duran Duran
6.Yellowcard (Has an electric violin player ! thats cool)
7.The offspring (Good melodies)
8.Van Halen
9.The Who
10.12 girls band (Asian Group really good)

Re: top 10 favourite bands    21:56 on Friday, December 03, 2004          
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stephanie i must say that is the worst top ten i have ever seen. please listen to some other music

Re: top 10 favourite bands    21:59 on Friday, December 03, 2004          
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1. Lynyrd Skynyrd
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Pink Floyd
4. Guns N roses
5. Nirvana
6. Rage against the machine
7. metallica
8. 311 (unbelievably underated, they have atleast 30 GREAT songs)
9. Dave Mathews band

Re: top 10 favourite bands    18:40 on Monday, December 06, 2004          
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Im very sad not to see Megadeth on any of your list.
Metallica SUCK ASS in comparison
At least megadeth stay true to the fans and are not whining bitches
Dave Mustaine Was the best thing to ever happen to metallica. Thank God he got out before they turned into a bunch of mainstream pussys.

Re: top 10 favourite bands    20:31 on Wednesday, December 08, 2004          
(Ethan Harris)
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1. Led Zeppelin (no doubt in my mind they were the most talented group that there has ever been)
2. Oasis (if you only no wonderwall and champagne supernova please look into them more their songs are addicting, and Noel Gallangher is talented)
3. Allman Brothers
4. The Doors (its an acquired sound but start listening and you wont be able to stop)
5. Rolling Stones (absolute classics)
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd
7. CCR
8. The Who
9. Jimi Hendrix
10. Pink Floyd

Re: top 10 favourite bands    11:54 on Thursday, December 09, 2004          
(annony surfer)
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1. The who: hence the name, and they are all gods.

2. The Beach boys: a little wierd but they are sounds of pure gold.

3. Ozzy Osbourne: GOD, come on you nearly die loads of times and still rocking

4. Guns n Roses: this gets harder as we go down but this had to be in the top five as any band who stays together under axl has to be of some spirtual status!

5. Metallica: what gods only taliica could pull of a whole album of covers and everyone like it. I heard Robson and jerome tried it :0

6. Queen: with all the musical quality, and i hate to say it bohemian rhapsody they pull off music as its own genre to a tee.

7. Iron maiden: theses guys just rock and at their fragile old ages still rocking out on stage pure genius.

8. The distillers: these guys rule i would`ve liked to put them up higher in the table, but they dont go that extra mile to make me come in my pants like the rest of the music does.

9. bad religion: they are the oldest most sensible punk band i know and they dont just moan about war they take other things in the world and shove them up its own ass.

10. reel big fish: i mean come they are the only ska band thats made it since madness.

so there it is, im so sorry i have to put an elevnth i know its nat an ad board but i really like these guys
11. Blackish-white: check them out

Re: top 10 favourite bands    00:24 on Monday, December 27, 2004          
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1. Led Zepplin- not only had a great sound, but were also very original.

2. Jimmy Hendrix Experience- One of the most original guitarists in the history of music, an inspiration to millions of people. Also, he is considered a one hit wonder, how that happened, i do not know. Also, his solo in "all along the Watchtower" is incredible.

3. Carlos Santana- A great guitarist, one of the top five in my book. Also, sounds very similar to Hendrix, and may even be better than Hendrix. He also popularized latin rock with "Oye Como Va". Truly a great band.

4. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Another original band. More of a country style, yet they still had the ability to rock. If you have never heard Freebird, go do it right now. It is one of the greatest guitar solos of all time.

5. Van Halen- Eddie Van Halen, another of the greatest guitarists of all time. The solo in "Eruption" is a great solo and Van Halen also was able to make great covers of some mediocre songs (dancing in the street anyone?).

6. Rush- A very underrated band in my opinion. They were not only masters of the electric piano, but had a great sound too. Starting as a Zepplin tribute band, they were able to develop a great sound. Also, Neal Peart, the greatest drummer of all time laid down the beat, how could you go wrong with that?

7. Eric Clapton (and all bands associated: Cream/Yardbirds/Blind Faith/Solo Career/Derek and the Dominoes)- Eric Clapton, a truly great guitarist, all these bands were fairly successful and showed that Clapton could be versatile and play many different types of music.

8. Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath)- Black Sabbath, while most other bands at this time (60s/70s) were playing songs about drugs or peace or general hippie stuff, they singing about very dark things. A very original band and also very heavy. Ozzy was also great solo. Crazy Train houses a geat guitar solo and his album "BLizzard of Oz" was great and he showed with "Mama Im Comin Home" that he could make great lyrics and wasn`t just a hard, senseless guy who bit off chicken heads. <-- seriously what`s up with that?

9. Guns `n` Roses- Possibly the best bands of the late 70s/ early 80s. GnR had a geat sound and was one of the few hard rock bands at that time to win a grammy (and in true hard rock style showing up drunk to accept it). Also could play more than just hard rock. "Civil War" was one of the best songs of the 80s. The only problem is, Axel was a HUGE part of GnR. Velvet Revolver just doesn`t cut it with me.

10. Rolling Stones- They were just purely classic. They made great music and cmon 40 hit songs? Who else can claim that? Keith Richards was also a wonderful guitarist.

And just to name some other greats -

11. Boston- Great sound, great lyrics, great harmonies
12. The Who - first rock opera ever
13. Tom Petty
14. Queen
15. Aerosmith - Damn how did they not make the top 10???
16. Blue Oyster Cult - First true heavy metal band (also a great SNL skit on them)
17. Metallica
18. Nirvana
19. Red Hot Chili Peppers
20. U2

Re: top 10 favourite bands    00:28 on Monday, December 27, 2004          
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Also there a many others, i mean how could you leave out AC/DC? Im jsut suprised that rush didn`t appear on more lists, if you haven`t listened to them, they are a great band, and to that guy who said Thw Who has great rythm, i agree completely, but Rush`s rythms and drumbeats blow Thw Who out of the water. There are soooo many more bands that i would like to put up there, i think i might create a new post, top 50 favorite hard rock bands


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