Staind    17:19 on Sunday, March 16, 2003          
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Hey I`m new, interesting forum here guys!

Just thought I`d drop in and ask whether anyone else here is into Staind? I`m nearing obsession to be honest y`know, just can`t wait for their new album!

Is anyone anticipating it eagerly then? It`s called 14 Shades of Grey I believe, released in the UK on May 26 at the earliest though

Thanks, Dave.

Re: Staind    11:45 on Tuesday, May 27, 2003          
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Hé, I`m a die-hard Staind fan myself. I`m only fifteen years old, and I heard from them, when they released "It`s been a while". I loved the song, got the album "Break the Cycle", want to buy 14 shades of grey, but it`s almost 30,- in the Netherlands, and Dysfunction is nowhere to find. but it`s a good thing that there are other Staind fans like myself.

Re: Staind    23:41 on Wednesday, July 30, 2003          
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I just found this Staind forum and I`m happy `cause I can share my opinions with you, Staind Souls like me. Today I have listened "Four Walls" for the first time. I had the lyrics, but I didn`t hear the song `till now. It made me shake, it gave me chills. It`s so dramatic, and the end is blows you away. well, I don`t know if you noticed how well imagined is Tormented, is like a whole story, with a beginning and an end. And how good of an actor must you be to say "Can`t you see I f**king hate me?!" the way Aaron does? I think you have to hate yourself truly to do that...Whay can I say about Staind. First time I`ve heared them was the acoustic version of Outside at the FVT 1999. That happened about an year ago, and since then I have got all the albums through friends (I`m really sad `cause I didn`t have the possibility to buy the original ones), and I love every one of them, but everytime I hear Aaron playing Outside it`s the same strong emotion...I don`t know if you felt it.
On the new album - which I did`t listen to very often - there are two songs that I`m beginning to feel deep inside. Zoe Jane and So Far Away.

Re: Staind    23:44 on Wednesday, July 30, 2003          
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btw, I`m not from UK, so that can explain the fact that I don`t have the opportunity to go to SSStaind concerts or to buy the albums when they are released.

Re: Staind    20:21 on Monday, June 06, 2005          
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hi staind rox how do u read this stupid tab music stuff

Re: Staind    14:29 on Friday, June 24, 2005          

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