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Posted by olga1

Hi I am 26 years old professional cellist.In 2005 I graduated Academy of Music in Poland and I have become Master of Arts with specialization cello playing. After my final exams I left Poland and I decided to settle in North England . My professional qualifications are: work of a soloist artist, work in music chamber bands and orchestras, and work as a teacher in 1st and 2nd level music schools and in schools of higher education according to major.
I am in the process of seeking employment and apply for different positions relevant to my qualifications unfortunately against all expectations without any results. I tried even applied for volunteer jobs but without any success.
When I moved to England automatically I became an outsider within music environment, and I started to lack connection with musicians, music organizations, etc.
I know that finding work in music industry is difficult. I am a disciplined and hardworking person, who likes working in a challenging environment where can add significant value. I am not afraid to take responsibility for what I am doing. I am determined with aspiration work in music business.
I am desperate and depressed.Please If anybody could help me or give any useful advice,I will be grateful.


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