The Cambridge no-show Prom - a fresh way to secure support for classical music?

The Cambridge no-show Prom - a fresh way to secure support for classical music?

The Cambridge no-show Prom - a fresh way to secure support for classical music?    14:15 on Wednesday, February 06, 2008          

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Finding new ways to generate enough income to reduce reliance upon grants have moved up the UK classical music agenda since the latest round of Arts Council cuts.
The Cambridge Summer Music Festival in the UK aims to ensure that children grow up with classical music inside them, gives platforms to rising musicians and composers.
Despite reaching thousands of classical music lovers every year, it doesnít enjoy the luxury of regular arts funding. So it has to be innovative and is pursuing an idea that may yet catch on!

Itís organising a No-show Prom to raise funds to ensure its future. Your donation gets you (no show) tickets or even membership of the noshow orchestra.

A donation helps to secure the Festivalís future, while you enjoy a night in Ė wherever you are in the world. No need even to be in Cambridge.

CSMF has set up a special noShow website where you can buy Prom tickets for as little as £1 each, Dress Circle tickets are £10 for you and three guests, while for that special occasion you can book the Royal Box and NOT bring five guests for £25.

You can then choose your own guests NOT to come with you Ė your wife or partner, J.S. Bach, Simon Rattle, Placido Domingo, Franz Liszt Ö.??- you can make up your dream party whose names will all appear on a beautifully designed and personalised noShow ticket.

Alternatively you can choose NOT to play in the Proms orchestra, thereby not having to turn out for rehearsals, not having to put on your best dress or dinner suit, not getting stage fright and not playing the wrong note in your solo Ė and you can even choose the music NOT to play.

Then just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience of supporting the Festival as audience or star performer, or both, and all in the comfort of your own home!

Do visit their site. The address is

I used my donation to join the orchestra and have downloaded my wonderful, personalised poster to prove it. There canít be many soloists capable of performing the Symphonie Fantastique on the cowbell. And Iím not one of them! My only worry is that I might forget not to attend.


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