Ravel`s Bolero... Thoughts?

Ravel`s Bolero... Thoughts?

Ravel`s Bolero... Thoughts?    20:45 on Tuesday, March 04, 2008          

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As the post suggests, I am interested in hearing anyone's thoughts about Bolero. Personally, I find it very enjoyable to hum (sometimes out-right sing!) the variations as it goes along for its fifteen minutes or so. From what I know, there seems to be no general feelings about the piece - it just exists... Is it really that blasé? - for lack of a better word... It seems like a pointless post, but I ask this in earnest.

Re: Ravel`s Bolero... Thoughts?    21:36 on Sunday, March 16, 2008          

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i would have to agree. it's not a very exciting peice. however it was(as i've heard) revolutionary for it's time. i play trombone. and that song has the most reconized and poppular trombone solo of all time. make sure you never call it boring on the trombone forum. you would be eaten alive(j/k). i'm not a big fan of the song either though.

Re: Ravel`s Bolero... Thoughts?    15:46 on Saturday, April 05, 2008          

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its a song thats ment not to signify anything. its like a personal opinion thing and everybody has a different opinion about it


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