Violinist David Garrett

Violinist David Garrett

Violinist David Garrett    14:28 on Wednesday, May 20, 2009          

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I saw a video of David Garrett on youtube and I was blown away by how good he is with the violin! He was on a show where he was timed to see if he could break the record in playing Flight of the Bumble Bee

it was soo good! can't wait to get his album on June 2nd

Re: Violinist David Garrett    09:36 on Thursday, May 21, 2009          

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Posted by Pyrioni

I don't understand why playing 13 seconds faster than regular speed can get him to world record? I read some discussions in other forums that they said anyone in conservatory can play faster than him on bumble-bee.


actually I saw this video before and then posted to other forums last month, and I got bashed by so many violin players.


He didn't beat the world record, just violin record becoz no one comes to play for record.
I can play flute faster than him, 54.5 seconds:

with more practice I am now 50 seconds, going for 45 seconds

the real world record I think should be this one, by a guitarist like you:


his highest speed ever, 370bpm, finished in 33 seconds!! in Tokyo Japan, but it's not official:


David Garrett is only 66.56 seconds, way too slow


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