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One of the most prominent North American bands in the 1970s is Funkadelic. Led by George Clinton, the Funkadelic band promoted the Funkadelic music of the decade. The band was put together in 1964 and at the time was not named Funkadelic. It originally comprised Frankie and Richard Boyce as well as Langston Booth and [url=] George Clinton [/URL]. The Boyces and Booth left the band to join the army in 1966 leaving Clinton behind. Clinton then recruited Bass Nelson on bass guitar, Tawl Ross on the guitar and Tiki Fulwood on the drums. The band was named Funkadelic by Nelson when they moved to Detroit.

Funkadelic music albums
The band released a number of Funkadelic music albums and Extended Plays (E.P.s). These are Funkadelic that was released in 1970 and Maggot Brain that was released in 1971. Also, they released album known as America Eats Its Young in 1972 and Cosmic Slop in 1973. In 2014, they released a 33 track album known as First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate that was critically acclaimed across the globe.


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