What`s so good about classical music?

What`s so good about classical music?    07:20 on Thursday, October 25, 2018          

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Posted by mackricksons

Why is this type of music so idolized and why are some classical music composers considered to be the greatest of all time? I know it's been around for centuries and there's a lot of theory behind every piece, but why do people like listening to it?

Most people will tell me you don't have to understand classical music, just enjoy it, but in all honesty I can't feel anything when listening to it. I get more vibes and goosebumps by listening to Nobuo Uematsu's works or certain anime's (not joking) instrumental soundtracks.

Are you supposed to "educate" yourself to be able to enjoy this type of music?

EDIT: Thank you so much for all the great comments. I seriously was not expecting this many people to bother give me such detailed and well written explanations as well as recommending great pieces to start listening to. It really motivates me to give classical music another go.

Re: What`s so good about classical music?    08:49 on Thursday, February 7, 2019          

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Posted by SamsMusic

just like everything else


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