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15 Oct
  Question about vocal range    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi everybody! What's up? I manage to sing all the notes (the highest with some effort) by Royal...
13 Oct
  Holly Jolly Christmas help!    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Hello Everyone! I need some help learning the intro instrumental to Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl I...
12 Oct
  Writing piano sheet music when song starts without piano?    Posted in Piano Forum
I want to write a sheet music for a song which has a guitar and vocals in the beginning and then pia...
7 Oct
  Sheep May Safely Graze JS Bach    Posted in Recorder Forum
If anyone likes to play Bach on the recorder Check this one out. Many thanks to for resp...
5 Oct
  Für Elise question    Posted in Classical Music Forum
Hello, I'm trying to learn this piece and there's something that's unclear to me. When ...
2 Oct
  When does the music automatically move?    Posted in Site Support Forum
For some tunes the music automatically keeps up, so I don't have to turn the page. For others i...
30 Sep
  Opinions and thoughts on Schreiber S31 basoon    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Hello Everyone ! Few days ago I bought used one but it was never played and it was bought from schre...
30 Sep
  Check This Out    Posted in Piano Forum
I have been playing piano for quite a few years and I put together this book about learning to play ...
29 Sep
  Looking for Singer!    Posted in General Forum
Hey, my names Wyatt and I'm looking for a singer. I'm crazy passionate about music, but I...
27 Sep
  What type of professional Clarinet should I get if one day I can?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Right now I own a Bb student clarinet and I got very good in the clarinet. I've been playing the...
26 Sep
  Learning to Play By Chords    Posted in Piano Forum
Here is a helpful little tool I made through all my experience of playing piano over the years. ht...
23 Sep
  Ecodear    Posted in Recorder Forum
Ever since I heard about Yamaha's new PLA plant-based resin plastic recorder I had to have one,...
23 Sep
  Refining your flute tone. From `playing notes` to `making music`...    Posted in Flute Forum
Hey folks, I've been exploring learning more about flute tone colours. As flutists, we should b...
20 Sep
  My throat closes when I try to sing in front of my coach    Posted in Voice Forum
I began to take lessons and stuff recently, but I've always looooved singing. So, I've been ...
18 Sep
  Singer owner`s club dash plaque    Posted in General Forum
I noticed a curious singer collectable on eBay. I'm not interested in buying it, and I'm not...
16 Sep
  thickness of a 4/4 sousaphone    Posted in General Forum
Hi guys so I'm researching the possible creation of a sousaphone using the magnesium alloy AXMZ1...
16 Sep
  Contrabass Clarinet Advice    Posted in General Forum
I play the bass clarinet in concert band, along with the contralto. I would like to try a contrabas...
16 Sep
  Low Clarinets    Posted in General Forum
I would like to hear your experiences on low clarinets (alto clarinet, bass clarinet, contralto clar...
13 Sep
  Useful content for music producers, audio and acoustic engineers, and DJs.    Posted in Popular Music Forum
Hello to music producers, audio and acoustic engineers, DJs, and musicians. Today I would like to te...
13 Sep
  !! Newest poweful song!! What`s your opinion?    Posted in Popular Music Forum
Hi, Here it is:
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