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23 Oct
  Cover Song Review (All of me by John Legend)    Posted in Voice Forum
A few months ago, Judy Yin made a life-changing decision to resign from her senior accounting positi...
22 Oct
  Bassoon reed case    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I just switched to bassoon about a month ago (I was originally a clarinet). My question is: do I hav...
18 Oct
  Any MIDI wind controller with traverse flute embouchure    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi! I am looking for a MIDI instrument to carry on my frequent travelling. The Yamaha W5 could be fi...
6 Oct
  Graded classical repertoire book series    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi all, I am wondering if any of you might like to recommend a very good series of books of graded ...
6 Oct
  "Top 10 - Trap Music"    Posted in Popular Music Forum
Hi there! Check out This Incredible "Top 10 - Trap Music" Mix... and le...
5 Oct
  French horn in Eb    Posted in Horn Forum
I'm a fresh new band teacher and I'm having an issue with one of my French horns. I have two...
4 Oct
  Help identifying this flute please?    Posted in Flute Forum
I have no idea about flutes, so please forgive a stupid question. A relative recently passed and we ...
4 Oct
  Writing music for both major and minor    Posted in General Forum
I am composing a composition that switches from major key to minor key and back and forth very often...
4 Oct
  Basoon protractor    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Hello, I have to play with an organ for an audition, but it is on 440hz and my basson is very old,...
2 Oct
  vocal tips    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi everyone, my name is ethan and my dream is to become a singer. I know the road is long as hell bu...
27 Sep
  Is that difficult to change the genre you sing in?    Posted in Voice Forum
Hello, I've been singing pop and soul songs for several yrs but now I want to change genres I si...
22 Sep
  Sheet music for violin?    Posted in Free Sheetmusic Forum
Hi. I'm Peter. I like playing on my violin and play every day for pleasure. But thats days, I am...
13 Sep
  Horn problems    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi im having issues with my 1969 n series elkhart conn 8d It isnt playing open even though i just g...
12 Sep
  UK Trio: Black Martis    Posted in Jazz Music Forum
Hi all, Please forgive the blatant spam, but in an attempt to showcase our music to as many jazz f...
9 Sep
  Someone please help me identify my clarinet!    Posted in Clarinet Forum
My uncle gave me a clarinet years ago and it has sat up in my closet, ignored, until just a few days...
8 Sep
  rainbow sax alto morgan 6m mouthpiece test    Posted in Saxophone Forum
rainbow sax alto morgan 6m mouthpiece test
8 Sep
  ???    Posted in Flute Forum
i want to learn how to play a new instrument. should i get a violin or piano??
8 Sep
  ???    Posted in Flute Forum
im thinking about learning how to play a new instument. should i buy a piano or a violin??
7 Sep
  Old or new Viola    Posted in Violin Forum
Hi, I can not decide what to buy. New or old viola the best? The new violas very beauty and the old...
4 Sep
  Any Irish music for dancing, please!    Posted in Classical Music Forum
Hello! if you know any good pieces of Irish music I can dance with, send me a message or just write ...
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