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23 Feb
  Need some guidance in repairing my own piano    Posted in Piano Forum
I am hoping there is someone reading this who would be so kind as to give me some advice and answer ...
22 Feb
  Spread aromatic delight and profuse joyousness in the lives of cherished ones    Posted in General Forum
Blossoms become a very dear friend of people for realizing exclusive days and conveying distinctive ...
22 Feb
  HIGH QUALITY Undetectable counterfeit Banknotes for sale.    Posted in General Forum
We use latest technology to produce our notes so that it looks 100% identical to the real note. This...
21 Feb
  Lack of local piano tuners/technicians willing to work on an older piano    Posted in Piano Forum
So discouraging! I had two piano tuners check out my Mason & Hamlin screwstringer upright piano and...
21 Feb
  slide noise?    Posted in Trombone Forum
I bought a used trombone but the slide was hanging so I had it repaired (slide reconditioned). The s...
20 Feb
  Sight-reading resources    Posted in Clarinet Forum
What is the best way to improve sight reading? Are there any good books/online resources/approaches ...
20 Feb
  Clarinet in College Advice    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Any advice on what to expect or how to prepare for college auditions? Plus, what are some pieces I s...
20 Feb
  Clarinet in A key?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I have some questions about A Key Clarinet... Do orchestras use A Key clarinets (instead of B flat)...
19 Feb
  Brand Identity Needed    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello I just purchased a b flat clarinet and the only brand markings are a small faint Elkhart on t...
18 Feb
  Parent looking to upgrade high school student flute    Posted in Flute Forum
Got lots questions since I am just the money guy. Here is what I was told by the private lessons tea...
17 Feb
  Compensators your want    Posted in Horn Forum
I've know of B&S and Migma co-ops for quite awhile, but of the various makers represented by the...
16 Feb
  Sell Cvv Good And Fresh All Country , WU Transfer , Dumps , Track 1&2 , Paypal , Bank Login    Posted in Classical Music Forum
Track 1/2 ******clone card prices LIST********ATM NOTE: Our Dumps have NO REGIONAL CONTROL meaning...
16 Feb
  Sell Cvv Good And Fresh All Country , WU Transfer , Dumps + pin    Posted in General Forum
Track 1/2 ******clone card prices LIST********ATM NOTE: Our Dumps have NO REGIONAL CONTROL meaning...
16 Feb
  value of flute    Posted in Flute Forum
I have a Signet/Selmer open hole coin silver flute that I am considering selling. What is the value ...
15 Feb
  Older bassoon no whisper key    Posted in Bassoon Forum
My father refurbished his bassoon that dates from the late 40's to early 50's to give to my ...
15 Feb
  Confidence issues - Help?    Posted in General Forum
Hello, I seem to have a strange issue that I'm hoping someone might have some tips for. I'v...
14 Feb
  Dvorak`s symphony 8 - help needed    Posted in Cello Forum
Could someone help me? I have a page of sheet music for cello, Dvorak's symphony 8, mov. 1 I am ...
13 Feb
  Wisdom teeth removal (surgery) and playing    Posted in Horn Forum
Hello, I haven't been to the forum for a long time, although I've carried on playing the ho...
13 Feb
  Buy SSD Chemical Solution, activation powder, vectrol paste, clean black coated banknotes, money    Posted in General Forum
SSD Solution for Cleaning Black Coated Bank notes (anti-breeze), defaced bills, Clean black money/An...
11 Feb
  I can`t find a piano song...    Posted in General Forum
I'm pretty sure it's kind of obscure, but I'm pretty sure it goes something like: C+BC...
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