Beginner Guitar Lesson 10 : The left hand.

Beginner Guitar Lesson 10 : The left hand.

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In this lesson we will use our left hand to play a new note on your guitar.

The new note is "A":

Notice how the note "A" is on the space between the "G" on the 2nd line and the "B" on the third line. "A" falls between these two notes: G - A - B!

The second finger of your left hand will be used to play this note (your index finger is considered the first finger].
To get your fingers ready to play this note make a circle with your second finger and your thumb:

It is important to keep the first joint of your finger strong, do not let it break backwards like this:

There will be times when this kind of finger position is useful for guitar playing, but not now. It is not good for fingering notes.
Get in playing position, position your left hand as in the following illustration:

Place the 2nd finger behind the 2nd fret on the third string. Keep the thumb behind the guitar, on the neck, under your second finger, keeping your fingers as much in a circle as possible. Press the string behind the 2nd fret until you feel the fingerboard under your fingertip. Make sure the first joint of your second finger remains curved and make sure your fingertip is right behind the fret, not in-between the first and second fret. Pick the note - it should sound something like this:

Practice it a few times to get used to the sound. Be careful not to press too hard. Only press the string hard enough to sound the note.

Now lets play a few "A"s in rhythm.

Listen to the example a few times then play along.
For the last exercise of this lesson you will play three different notes. All the notes in this piece move by steps:

Notice it begins on the open "G", steps up to "A", steps up to "B" then steps back down to the "A" again.

While you listen to this piece, silently press your second finger down to make the "A" note when you hear it on the recording.

Now it's your turn. Play the notes in order then try to play along with the recording.

Important!: You don't need to lift your second finger off of the fingerboard to play the "B" since it is on a different string. Simply leave your finger down and it will be ready when you need it later!

When you are comfortable with this piece, you are ready for the next lesson, our first tune!

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