Beginner Saxophone Lesson 6 : New Note C

Beginner Saxophone Lesson 6 : New Note C

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Next we'll learn the note C:

Which is played by using the following key with your middle finger on the left hand:
In the next piece we'll also come across this sign:

That's a repeat sign, it means repeat the music one more time.
This piece is an old French song, known popularly as 'The Clown'

Try playing along now with the accompaniment:

Now here's another piece using the four notes we've learned so far.

This sign above or below a note indicates an accent:

It means the note should be played slightly louder, with added emphasis.
Try this piece that includes accents. The tune starts on the first beat of the bar, which is known as the downbeat. The accents here fall on the downbeat and on the third beat of the bar

To understand the importance of accents, try this tune, which is almost the same as the one above, but it has accents on a different note.

Notice how this tune does not start on the first beat of the bar. When a tune starts on the last beat of the bar it is known as starting on the up-beat.

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