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goodness chopin! why so morbid?! I just joking, Its a great piece and fun to perform.
7 years ago

Last comment written before I actually listened to the recording of this. Not sure why I bother to comment at all. Chopin wrote a FUNERAL march not a jolly skipping tune. Anyone who behaved at a funeral in the manner suggested by this music would be asked by the undertakers to leave. This site has lost all credibility as far as I';m concerned.
7 years ago

Some of the pieces are marked (Easy version) others are shown as (Original). Wouldn';t it be more honest to indicate this is an easy version by the contemporary musician cited in the Copyright statement and NOT the original by Chopin?
7 years ago

wasn't as dark as expected, but still good.
10 years ago

Although a melancholy piece, it is still an egaging song. I recommend this to anyone who loves Chopin's music.
11 years ago

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