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  HELP!!! Ligature and Mouthpiece Question.....
I`m thinking of getting a new mouthpiece for ...
Ashley 4 25/10/2003 873
  Getting Good High Vibrato
I joined band halfway through last year, not ...
Wracky 6 25/10/2003 874
  Blue Reeds
This is kind of weird, but after I play on a ...
Ramos 45 23/10/2003 2375
  Neck strap support & Lyre together?
My daughter has been playing clarinet for 2 y...
Sandi 2 21/10/2003 2797
  Clarinet grades?
Every talks about what "grade" they can play....
Amanda 14 20/10/2003 1133
Okie can anyone send me a fingering chart for...
Daniel Campbell 4 20/10/2003 992
  Help for caring for clarinet
I started playing clarinet in beginning band ...
-A- 10 20/10/2003 802
  Clarinet and Sax Penpal Page
Sally 0 14/10/2003 707
  snailmail penpal wanted!
hi looking for clarinet players(Bb prefered...
amanda 2 12/10/2003 913
  this has nothin to do with music, but plz help neway
srry this has nothin to do with music, but im...
elsie 4 6/10/2003 642
  There is this girl
Well the deal is next Friday the 10th there i...
Mr. X 14 4/10/2003 1186
  Trombone and Clarinet?
Nao 4 3/10/2003 807
  Suitable mouthpiece for Buffet R13
I have recently upgraded from my old B&H Empe...
Kev 4 1/10/2003 1380
hey guys what grade is everyone in and where...
andrew 14 21/9/2003 845
  Wuts a great college 4 a Jazz player?
I play clarinet and tenor sax. I would really...
Jazz is my Passion 0 20/9/2003 1075
  Crystal mouthpieces
Have anyone ever used a crystal mouthpiece ye...
victor 12 18/9/2003 969
  Warped reeds?
Everyone`s like "Reedguards protect your reed...
yo 6 17/9/2003 1336
  bass clarinet
hello everybody, hope ur doing well today. im...
grilsee 18 14/9/2003 990
  What brand of mouthpieces and ligatures is the best for classical
Hi.. Just wanna know what do you think i shou...
Moose 4 13/9/2003 840
  What reed`s strength is the most appropriate for classical music
Hi.. As I told you, I got Buffet E11 and I ju...
moose 2 10/9/2003 715

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