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  .525 Bore and F attachment
I`m currently playing a student trombone with...
Adam 2 17/10/2003 1448
  hall of the mountain king solo-NEED!!!
if anyone out there has the solo "In the hall...
josh joy 14 16/10/2003 3041
  F-R-I-E-N-D-S song
Does anybody know the notes to the friends th...
triggerer. 2 15/10/2003 680
  Um this is not all aobut music little bit about a girl......
Well the deal is next Friday the 10th there i...
Mr. X 14 12/10/2003 1315
  Johnny Quest them!!
wondering if anyone figured this out? heh i w...
Duncan 0 9/10/2003 805
  Thunder Lightning and the whistling wind
anyone know where i can downlaod the sheet mu...
Duncan 0 9/10/2003 1387
  does anyone have the notes to the mario song
if you do can you please send it to me emai...
BonerDude 0 8/10/2003 915
  im srry, this has absolutly nothin to do w/music, but plz help neway
srry this has nothin to do with music, but im...
elsie 6 7/10/2003 810
  Bock sheet music
I want the Bock sheet music like Bum Bumbum B...
Mr. X 4 6/10/2003 1360
  Harlem Nocturne?! HELP!
I am playing second part on "Harlem Nocturne"...
S.P. 0 6/10/2003 1038
  Cool Carnivore?
Our jazz band is playing "Cool Carnivore" by ...
S.P. 4 1/10/2003 1289
  some problem about the position of mouthpiece
my tutor says when i play high note, i will s...
tony 2 1/10/2003 1090
  trombone rag
i need to get some trombone ragtime music. ...
Louis 0 30/9/2003 1047
  looking for advise, music school after being out of shape.. etc...
first of all, please tell me what other forum...
Sebastian 2 24/9/2003 1212
  5-G mouthpiece made of plastic
Has anyone ever tried one of these? I just r...
Trombonedude 8 21/9/2003 1499
  Lyer Install
I`m in 7th grade symphonic band and I just go...
racing_fire 2 20/9/2003 1435
  Need Music to perform
Hey I need free Trombone Sheet Music to perfo...
Al 0 9/9/2003 961
  "Crazy in love" by Beyonce Knowles
I think this song would make an awesome pep t...
ShyGuy727 2 9/9/2003 3481
  Texas All-State Brass Audition Workshop
I thought this information may be interesting...
Yutaka Kono 0 1/9/2003 1146
Bam Bam! 0 24/8/2003 843

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