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  war of the worlds
Hi, Anyone know where I can get hold of any s...
 sijon 2 14/1/2008 1149
  Best Electric Under $500.00
Hi! Please answer by January or so, because I...
 jesusonguitar4893 17 11/1/2008 6899
  ``This way`` by Saturday night at the apollo.
Does anyone has got guitar sheetmusic for ...
 Piano_Vampire 0 30/12/2007 1974
  Comatose music
By skillet.... anyone have it? fairly simp...
 music4the_soul 0 26/12/2007 1171
  Ventura Guitars (again)
I tried replying to some of the other threads...
 jaunty 0 22/12/2007 1176
  Gibson Les Paul 1979 Sunburst
to all those looking to buy a vintage guitar ...
 finkus 0 14/12/2007 1196
  Please Help.
Hi. Im new here and im wondering if there ...
 Lolopop 0 10/12/2007 1248
  bar chords
I've been trying to play bar chords for a...
 ridedawavez24 1 8/12/2007 1741
  Drop B tuning
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provid...
 Jofus 2 6/12/2007 11133
Trying to play my first chord G major and no ...
 mac1 5 6/12/2007 2623
  MIDI Guitar Recording
Ok, I have had a MIDI key board sitting aroun...
 theholytaco 3 5/12/2007 1610
  Looking for Help!!! urgent-need to decide whether to buy a classical guitar or not
Is there anyone able to tell me if my hands a...
 want2learnguitar 1 4/12/2007 1222
  Guitar Information Resources
Just wanted to let everybody know that after ...
 michaelferris 0 3/12/2007 1072
  Guitar tabs for "Where Are You Going" by The Dave Matthews band.
Does anyone have Guitar Tabs for "Where Are Y...
 Aquzenn 0 28/11/2007 2470
  who uses what tunings?? guitar
hi my band living in exile uses from bottem t...
 livinginexileguitarist 2 18/11/2007 1276
  How do you increase speed?
I have been messing around with a guitar for ...
 Slowrocker 22 16/11/2007 8989
  Strumming...(How do you do it)
How do you strum... Im only a beginner,,and i...
 Steebers 5 13/11/2007 1388
  Your current set up
What guitar, amp, and pedals you use. What ad...
 theholytaco 6 13/11/2007 2314
  Search for "Jamaica Farewell" guitar solo sheet
Dear friends, Could you please send me the J...
 jchan 0 9/11/2007 1261
  im a beginner can`t play gutair very good
 brad1234 9 25/10/2007 3751

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