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  Comeback Help and Revival Questions
I played the horn for about 13 years straight...
 verenea 1 13/6/2007 1249
  How long have you been playing French Horn?
Just as it says, how long have you been playi...
 Fredrick 15 11/6/2007 4066
Hi, I have played oboe for 3 years and am ...
 Oboe_rules 2 11/6/2007 1133
  B & H 400 french horn
I have just found a Boosey & Hawkes, B & h 40...
 flipside 1 10/6/2007 2101
  Concert E-flat Major
What's the e-flat concert major for F mel...
 SurfinMello09 4 5/6/2007 1578
  Is Horn/Mellophone a Good Starting Brass Instrument?
I've done a lot of thinking about switchi...
 James_Dowdy_Moose 22 23/5/2007 12132
  Lip Hazard!!!!!
Holy cow! A fellow French horn player posted...
 granny 0 16/5/2007 1214
Holy cow! A fellow French horn player posted...
 granny 0 16/5/2007 822
  Community Orchestra???
I was thinking about trying out for the commu...
 Fredrick 1 20/4/2007 894
  Mouthpiece Help Needed! Switching from Cornet to TC Baritone
Alright, I have played trumpet for 7 years no...
 brandontwin2 3 16/4/2007 1426
  8d identification
i am looking at a silver conn double french h...
 olsonz 1 14/4/2007 800
  NJ Concert Band (near NYC) Seeking Horn Players
The Saddle River Valley Concert Band has been...
 SaddleRiverValleyBand 0 6/4/2007 846
  April Fools Day!
Did anyone do any good April Fools jokes? Or...
 Fredrick 0 1/4/2007 918
  When you are desparate for a time & place to practice . . .
I've found that practicing 2 or 3 times a...
 granny 5 29/3/2007 1384
  Good French Horns
I am Looking to buy a french horn and would l...
 frogg983 8 29/3/2007 3891
  Horn ensemble music?
I'm thinking about starting a French horn...
 mormhorn 3 27/3/2007 1102
  Found a good book on horn playing
I received a great book last week, REAL WORLD...
 granny 0 26/3/2007 897
  Morceau de Concert Tempos
I have been playing horn for 4 years and have...
 Flamewiz07 1 21/3/2007 1051
  It sounded sooo cool!!!
I just finished performing Mozart's 4th h...
 Fredrick 2 16/3/2007 1280
  Switching from bass clarinet to french horn.
I am thinking about switching from bass clari...
 TangoStar3 2 25/2/2007 1189

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