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I just ordered this awesome Blu-Ray disc of K...
 musiqlovr89 1 16/11/2009 1770
  Bassist & Composer Ben Allison launches "Think Free Project"
Bassist/composer Ben Allison has recently lau...
 IanMichaelson 0 30/10/2009 858
  Award Winning Singer Debbie Hennessey Releases Her Version Of The Holiday Classic Winter Wonderland!
 sthprk 0 28/10/2009 1686
  What defines a []13 chord?
I'm currently writing out chords for my s...
 jazzman91 1 21/10/2009 898
  It Don`t Mean A Thing (If It Ain`t Got That Swing)
Hi everyone! I am doing a 10-15 min presenta...
 pianoforever94 0 20/10/2009 946
  Robert Levin on Cecil Taylor
 Brite 0 14/10/2009 835
  Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
Hey, I'm in a really tiresome search for ...
 mak_kreol 0 28/8/2009 2240
  MusicDishTV: Polarity/1`s "The Marvin Stomp" Performed by the Battery Dance Company of New York
Polarity/1's use of broken record sound a...
 mixtapes23 0 25/8/2009 834
  Jazz creating programm
who can advice me a good program to create ja...
 n1ght 0 11/8/2009 712
  Reharmonising Amazing Grace
Hi, I have been trying to learn a how to reh...
 jazz_n_man 2 11/8/2009 2497
  Streaming Sounds: CLARINET.BALLISTIX (A new live performance initiative)
Streaming Sounds: CLARINET.BALLISTIX (A new l...
 R_Crusoe 0 4/8/2009 1710
  jazz box
more download free of jazz albums only free: ...
 katakomba 0 18/7/2009 612
  Polarity/1 Video: Lisbon`s Quorum Ballet - Music From The Other Side
Polarity/1's Fulano De Tal is easily one ...
 mixtapes23 0 26/6/2009 1621
  Triptych 3, Shulgin`s Songbook: Exceeding Genre Limitations
Relative to jazz in general, the genre "smoot...
 mixtapes23 0 13/6/2009 1198
  What is your Greatest Thrill?
My friend told me about this widget that feat...
 JazzLovr1990 0 11/6/2009 644
  I play rhythm blues, pop-jazz; do arrangement for music
Mobile phone: +380939110777 e-mail: yaroslavb...
 y7sax 0 4/6/2009 774
  Jazz Artists of Eras
 lizlovesjazz 0 1/6/2009 801
  Grammy Awards of 2009
Did anyone happen to catch the Grammy'...
 Jazzfan18 1 15/5/2009 883
  New fusion album - Cai Marle-Garcia
Hi guys! I've been listening to a great e...
 Davialle 0 12/5/2009 994
  I Love Jazz Artist Melody Gardot !
I love Jazz and I like this artist Melody Gar...
 JazzLovr1990 1 11/5/2009 1445

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