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  What is comparable to Selmer 300?
Band director suggested this model for my dau...
Debbie Howard 6 5/6/2003 1760
  Do reed cutters really work?
Some people say that reed cutters can save to...
ClArInEt 2 4/6/2003 1218
  Full Boehm?
I was wondering exactly what a `full Boehm` c...
Brian 10 1/6/2003 3060
  jazz effects!!
Hi there! I`m wouter, dutch & 21 years old. ...
wouter 0 25/5/2003 1023
  Queen Music
Does anybody have any queen music they can se...
ringo 0 23/5/2003 800
  all i ask of you
i was wondering if anyone knew where i might ...
amy 8 22/5/2003 2838
  Solo Clarinet piece needed - suggestions please!
hey everyone! I`m going to america in 12 day...
eMiLy_Uk 12 20/5/2003 1455
  Regal March
I need this piece for school. Can someone get...
Phillip Nguyen 2 17/5/2003 3737
  Artley 17S For Sale
I played the clarinet for alittle over a year...
Sean M 0 4/5/2003 1038
  Tremolo on B flat clarinet
how to play tremolo on lower altissimo D to c...
NNN clarinetist 2 30/4/2003 3452
  circle of 5ths
can someone PLEASE put the circle of the 5th`...
Ellen 6 30/4/2003 1183
  Clarinet Jazz
If anybody knows a good source of clarinet ja...
Richard 2 25/4/2003 1376
  Help with Enharmonics
Okay...first, what are enharmonics?
Amanda 4 22/4/2003 991
  Chair Tests?
Okay... I`m in third chair out of 12 clarinet...
Amanda 18 19/4/2003 1185
Has anybody out there used the click barrel? ...
tim 2 12/4/2003 883
  benny goodman
does anyone know were i can get free beeny go...
cip 8 4/4/2003 1413
  reeds I`m playing on a Vandoren 3 reed. ...
Amanda 10 1/4/2003 956
  Just Wondering!!!!!!!!
Are any of you Clarinets in bands with older ...
JazzyJessica 4 29/3/2003 909
  Selmer R1
Does anyone know about the Selmer R1? Please,...
Polwit 0 10/3/2003 1287
  how do you get above the measly Bb? (yes, i am a beginner) lol
i am a beginner, but i wanna noe how do u get...
jay 12 17/2/2003 1450

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