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  hand in bell
where do other french horn players place thei...
 solo 8 28/8/2006 1556
  Makes of horn
Whats every1's favourite make of horn? i ...
 mattmet 3 13/8/2006 1255
  Best Way to Remove Spit from the Horn?
Just out of curiosity, I constantly find myse...
 Rachel 10 13/8/2006 1884
  Stiff keys
Whenever I play my horn for anything over an ...
 nettiethefrog 4 7/8/2006 1709
  My first French Hornhelp and needed on everything...........
Hey guys and gals I just got my first French ...
Zara 9 5/8/2006 1523
  airy sound
what can i do to make my sound clearer and le...
 zz 7 4/8/2006 1546
i play the bari sax so i kinda get the curse ...
 bariamazing 5 4/8/2006 1010
  Mouthpiece Advice
i am currently on the market for a new mouthp...
 hornboy90 3 16/7/2006 2208
  Age and price
Is there a website or book that I can look at...
 apasuper8 1 16/7/2006 1119
  serious help
i am only a young frnch horn player and i hav...
 cyanraider 4 8/6/2006 1022
  French Horn Mouthpieces
Hey! I'm a flute player but I'm going...
 fauna 5 4/6/2006 1582
  Composer very confused!
Hi. I am a composer and am trying to transpo...
 musicwiz 6 10/5/2006 1213
  thick/thin lips
Hi! First of all, I wish all horn French Hor...
Björn 14 10/5/2006 5092
  Good first horn? Compensating vs "real" double?
I've been scouring eBay for a decent firs...
 mhester 1 7/5/2006 4640
i have a question as to where to put your han...
 solo 0 22/4/2006 804
  new site for brass players
Dear Brass Player, Just thought that I would ...
 brasslife 1 21/4/2006 1030
  Tips on playing low notes
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had good tips ...
 Riki 5 1/4/2006 1564
  C# above the treble clef staff
According to the horn note trainer here the C...
Scotch 20 29/1/2006 1349
  Young Players Philharmonic in Central N.J. has openings for 3 French Horns
Greetings: The Young Players Philharmonic lo...
 Orchestradirector1 0 25/1/2006 2409
  Amateur Southern California Horn Players Needed (San Gabriel Valley Concert Band)
The San Gabriel Valley Concert Band is lookin...
 Mike84 2 24/1/2006 1245

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