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  Composing music for own screenplay? help!
HELP! I am a musician and writer wh...
 talentedxMUSICIAN 2 14/1/2007 947
  I`d like some comments on a song
 StevenJames 2 14/1/2007 944
  Which software do you use for composing music?
 AnneMarii 27 5/1/2007 3403
  My Fair Lady and Phantom
My assingment for one of my courses this year...
 geekysciencenerd 0 4/1/2007 820
  new composition
I just got a message from a friend, norby, te...
 schoolbandgeek1 0 2/1/2007 790
  Writing a song
Okay i want to write a song. I have thought ...
 joshalos1 3 19/12/2006 791
  Help, looking for John Phillip Sousa songs
Hello, I'm look for a song by John Phill...
 CountryGrl_Sarah 2 18/12/2006 1600
  HELP PLEASE!!! Naming compositions!
I've completed my composition for my Musi...
 Piano_Princess 3 14/12/2006 3388
Hi, I am writing a musical and I am trying t...
 IlikeBeethovensongs 2 13/12/2006 1371
  the birds!!
hey, i have to compose two minutes worth of f...
 Hi 6 13/12/2006 1302
  composing a song. what is the best thing to start with? lyrics or chords?
I need to compose a song for a musical for...
 nowmieeee 6 12/12/2006 1222
  Do you find it hard?
Personally composing music's easy for me,...
 oboedude888 6 26/11/2006 1562
  why does my music sound like everyone elses?!
i play guitar i have been trying to compose m...
 goondulf 4 6/11/2006 1237
  My symphony adventure
 Charlesky 2 6/11/2006 944
  Key for a Dracula Theme?
Does anyone have any ideas for a good key to ...
 Account Closed 2 27/10/2006 827
  Check out my composition I recorded it myself and I played all the instruments
Hi everybody, I would like to have some comme...
 blinkman 3 17/10/2006 1339
  Want to hear the best music you’ve never heard?
Check out (FreeMyMusic. C...
 scream1 2 16/10/2006 776
  More music wh...
 blinkman 2 4/10/2006 964
  help me with a score please?
hey people, newbie on the piano here and just...
 horrorshowgroodies 1 3/10/2006 838
  New Minuet for Violin, Clarinet, Flute and Orchestra Free scores, parts and mp3s
 andybrick 0 30/9/2006 902

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